Commentaries on Leviticus

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Rated Commentaries

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
The Book of Leviticus Wenham, Gordon J. 375 NICOT 1979
Leviticus Hartley, John E. 575 WBC 1992
Leviticus Rooker, Mark F. 352 NAC 2000
Leviticus Milgrom, Jacob 2688 AYB 1998
Leviticus Harrison, R. K. 254 TOTC 2008
Leviticus Currid, John D. 400 EPSC 2005
Leviticus, Numbers Gane, Roy E. 848 NIVAC 2004
Leviticus Harris, R. Laird 1024 EBC 1990
The Message of Leviticus Tidball, Derek 327 BST 2005
Leviticus Kiuchi, Nobuyoshi 538 AOT 2007
Holiness to the Lord: A Guide to the Exposition of the Book of Leviticus Ross, Allen 496 2006
Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy: Studies in Hebrew Narrative and Poetry Sherwood, Stephen K. 306 BO 2002
Leviticus: An Introduction and Commentary Sklar, Jay A. 336 TOTC 2013
Leviticus Kleinig, John W. 450 CC 2003
Leviticus: A Book of Ritual and Ethics Milgrom, Jacob 412 CC 2004
Leviticus Balentine, Samuel E. 220 INT 2003
Leviticus: the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation Levine, Baruch A. 284 JPSTBC 1989
Leviticus Kaiser Jr., Walter C. 5 NIB 1994
Leviticus Gerstenberger, Erhard S. 450 OTL 1996
Leviticus Grabbe, Lester L. OTG
Leviticus Kamionkowski, S. Tamar WC 2018
Leviticus Knight III, George W. 172 DSB 2006
Leviticus, Numbers Bellinger Jr., William H. 370 UBOT 2001
Leviticus: Based on the New Revised Standard Version Budd, Philip J. 395 1996

Unrated Commentaries

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
Exodus 1-15 Utzschneider, Helmut; Oswald, Wolfgang 370 IECOT 2014
Leviticus Razu, Indukuri John Mohan 243 DBC 2010
Leviticus and Numbers Boyce, Richard N. 280 WeBC 2008
The Pentateuch Fretheim, Terence E.; Tucker, Gene M.; Cousar, Charles B. 183 IBT 1996
Leviticus-Numbers Bailey, Lloyd R. 648 SHBC 2005
Leviticus Vasholz, Robert 372 MOT 2007
Leviticus Ko, Ming Him 274 ABC 2018
Leviticus: The Rubin JPS Miqra'ot Gedolot Carasik, Michael 270 TCB JPS 2009
Theology of Work Bible Commentary: Volume 1: Genesis through Deuteronomy ToWBC 2015
Exalting Jesus in Leviticus Moseley, Allan 288 CCE 2015
Leviticus Goldberg, Louis BSC 1980
Leviticus 240 LBC 2012
 Leviticus Macleod, F. Wayne 164 LMP 2012
Beauty of Holiness: The book of Leviticus simply explained Eveson, Philip H. 416 WCS 2007
The Five Books Of Moses (The Schocken Bible: Volume 1) Fox, Everett 1056 SB 1997
Exodus and Leviticus for Everyone Goldingay, John 208 OTE 2010
Leviticus (Bible Student's Commentary) Noordtzij, A. 280 BSsC 1982
Leviticus Lenz, Mark 256 PBC 2005
Leviticus Shepherd, Jerry E. 640 SoGBC 2021
Leviticus Gane, Roy E. 608 ZIBBC 2009
Straight to the Heart of Moses: 60 bite-sized insights Moore, Phil 272 SttHS 2011
Leviticus Kinlaw, Dennis F. 632 BBC 1969
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers Martin, Glen 400 HOTC 2002
Leviticus Rosson, M. E. 296 ABB 2007
Leviticus Peisker, Armor D. 550 WesBC 1967
The Soncino Chumash Cohen, Abraham; Rosenberg, A. J.; Oratz, E. 1203 SBB 1983
Leviticus Porter, J. R. 250 CBCOT 1976
Leviticus Lindsey, F. Duane 1600 1985
Leviticus Baker, David W. 600 CBC 2009
Leviticus: Volume 1 Chapters 1-11 Watts, James W. 567 HCOT 2013
Leviticus Owens, J. Edward 104 NCBS 2011
Leviticus Utley, Bob FBC
Leviticus Sprinkle, Joe 480 TTCS 2016
Pentateuch Keil, C. F.; Delitzsch, Franz 7744 COT 2006
Pentateuch/Torah: Volume 1 Mills, Watson E.; Wilson, Richard F. 288 MCB 1998
Leviticus Schultz, Samuel 144 EvBC 1983
Leviticus: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition King, Thomas J. 286 NBBC 2013
Old Testament Theology, Volume Two (Old Testament Library) Preuss, Horst Dietrich 452 1996
Leviticus & Numbers Woods, Clyde M. 393 CPNIV 2002
A Handbook on Leviticus Péter-Contesse, René; Ellington, John 458 UBS 1992
Leviticus: Holy God, Holy People Mathews, Kenneth A. 352 PtW 2009
Vayikra / Leviticus Goldwurm, Hersh 570 ART 1994
Leviticus Willis, Timothy M. 270 AOTC 2009
Leviticus: Divine Presence and Community Gorman, Frank H. 180 ITC 1998
Leviticus Hess, Richard S. 880 REBC 2008
Leviticus Demarest, Gary W. TPC 2002
Leviticus Bonar, Andrew 524 GEN 1973
Leviticus Radner, Ephraim 320 BTC 2008
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy Lienhard, Joseph T. 382 ACCS 2001

Forthcoming Commentaries

2022 Sklar, Jay A. Leviticus: A Discourse Analysis of the Hebrew Bible
? Sklar, Jay A. Leviticus
? Schwartz, Baruch Leviticus
? Noble, John Leviticus
? Wegner, Paul D. Leviticus
? Yoder, Perry Leviticus
? Hutton, Rodney Leviticus
? Elliott, Mark W. Leviticus
? Wright, David P. Leviticus
? Danaher, William Leviticus
? Milton, Michael Leviticus
? Blacketer, Randy Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy
? Averbeck, Richard E. Leviticus
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