International Critical Commentary

For over 100 years, the International Critical Commentary series has held a special place among works on the Bible. It has sought to bring together all the relevant aids to exegesis—linguistic and textual no less than archaeological, historical, literary and theological—with a level of comprehension and quality of scholarship unmatched by any other series. No attempt has been made to secure a uniform theological or critical approach to the biblical text: contributors have been invited for their scholarly distinction, not for their adherence to any one school of thought.



? Schaper, Joachim Leviticus
? Auld, A. Graeme Joshua
? Mayes, Andrew D. H. Judges
? Boda, Mark J. Psalms 1–41
? Williamson, H. G. M. Isaiah 13–27
? Stromberg, Jacob Isaiah 28–39
? Mastin, B. A. Daniel
? Gordon, Robert P. Joel, Obadiah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi
? Holloway, Paul A. 1 Corinthians
? Wright, N. T. Philippians
? Porter, Stanley E. 1 and 2 Thessalonians
? Alexander, Loveday Hebrews
? Horrell, David G.; Williams, Travis B. 1 Peter
? Boxall, Ian Revelation
? Gregory, Bradley C.; Corley, Jeremy Sirach