Christian Standard Commentary

This series helps the reader understand each biblical book's theology, its place in the broader narrative of Scripture, and its importance for the church today. Drawing on the wisdom and skills of dozens of evangelical authors, the CSC is a tool for enhancing and supporting the life of the church.

General Editors: Brandon D. Smith and E. Ray Clendenen

Associate Editors:
  • Darrell L. Bock (NT)
  • R. Dennis Cole (OT)
  • David S. Dockery (NT)
  • Darian R. Lockett (NT)
  • Richard R. Melick Jr. (NT)
  • J. Gary Millar (OT)
  • Andrew E. Steinmann (OT)
  • Heath A. Thomas (OT)
N.B. The Christian Standard Commentary is a revision of the New American Commentary. Every volume is being reworked, with about half being replacement volumes and half revisions of the first NAC editions.



? Cole, R. Dennis Numbers
? Millar, J. Gary Deuteronomy
? Block, Daniel I. Judges and Ruth
? Klouda Sharp, Sheri L.; Steinmann, Andrew E. Ezra-Nehemiah, Esther
2027 Thomas, Heath A. Job
? Smith, Gary V. Isaiah 40–66
? Blomberg, Craig L. Matthew
? Melick Jr., Richard R. Philippians
? Dodson, Joseph R. Colossians and Philemon
? Allen, David L. Hebrews
2025 Lockett, Darian R. James
? Smith, Brandon D. Revelation