Forms of the Old Testament Literature

This series aims to present, according to a standard outline and methodology, a form-critical analysis of every book and each unit in the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). Fundamentally exegetical, the FOTL volumes examine the structure, genre, setting, and intention of the biblical literature in question. Designed to be used alongside a Hebrew text or a translation of the Bible, the series is meant primarily to lead the student to the Old Testament texts themselves, not just to form-critical studies of the texts. Each volume includes thorough bibliographies and a glossary of the genres and formulas identified in the commentary.



? Knierim, Rolf P. Exodus 19-40
? Hutton, Rodney Leviticus
? Tiffany, Frederick G. Deuteronomy
? Hubbard, Robert L.; Clark, Malcolm M. Joshua, Judges
? Richards, Kent Ezra-Nehemiah
? Weiss, Richard D. Jeremiah
? Ben Zvi, Ehud; Tucker, Gene M.; Whedbee, J. William Minor Prophets I