The Epistle to the Romans

Douglas J. Moo

The Epistle to the Romans
The Epistle to the Romans


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4.91600000762939 out of 5 based on 25 user ratings
Nijay Gupta June 7, 2019 4.8 5
Now in its second edition, this is widely-known and appreciated as a carefully researched commentary with attention to the Greek text, but also offers Moo’s perspective on key issues in Pauline theology. Moo presents and defends a traditional/Reformational approach to Romans. [Full Review]
Warren May 19, 2018 5 5
This is an exceptional commentary that is shorter (remember that this word is relative) and less expensive (and so is this) than Cranfield. Although the commentary is on the English text, Moo makes plenty of technical comments on the Greek text in the footnotes throughout. Moo is an evangelical and this is reflected in his exegetical decisions, but he interacts with many scholars who don't share his conservative views. He is of the "old perspective" camp, though he interacts and often sees benefits of the "new perspective" updated link... [Full Review]
Warren Truesdale May 19, 2018 5 5
This is an exceptional commentary that is shorter (remember that this word is relative) and less expensive (and so is this) than Cranfield. Although the commentary is on the English text, Moo makes plenty of technical comments on the Greek text in the footnotes throughout. Moo is an evangelical and this is reflected in his exegetical decisions, but he interacts with many scholars who don't share his conservative views.  He is of the "old perspective" camp, though he interacts and often sees benefits of the "new perspective"... [Full Review]
Princeton Seminary December 2, 2017 5 5
Robert M. Bowman, Jr December 11, 2016 5 5
Excellent scholarly commentary by an evangelical scholar, sensitive to theological issues. [Full Review]
Graham Ware April 8, 2016 4 5
For a traditional reformed reading of Paul and specifically Paul's Epistle to the Romans, Moo is often cited as the standard bearer. On many fronts I do really like this commentary. On a few fronts though, I really don't (perhaps bc I am not part of the reformed evangelical camp). I don't think his responses to the NPP are sufficient (though I am glad he does engage with Dunn, Sanders, etc.). His comments on the female leaders section in ch. 16 are unconvincing. But overall it is a commentary worth having and consulting regularly.
Slinger February 20, 2015 5 5
Simply the best.
Tim Challies April 29, 2013 5 5
There is no shortage of commentaries on the book of Romans! Not only that, but there is no shortage of excellent commentaries to choose from. Pride of place appears to go to Douglas Moo and his contribution to the NICNT series. [Full Review]
DanW February 21, 2013 5 5
When I took the Romans class at seminary I regularly consulted Moo along with other top commentaries on Romans. As good as the others were, Moo was consistently the most complete and helpful. What I really like about Moo’s commentary is that he gives all the options for interpreting a given passage and then tells us which option he goes with and why.
Phillip J. Long June 4, 2012 5 5
Moo’s commentary on Romans is massive, just a bit over 1000 pages. Remarkably, the introduction is a mere 35 pages! Like many of the newer contributions to the NICNT series, this commentary on Romans engages the Greek text, making exegetical observations primarily in the footnotes. I find that too many of these notes are simply the Greek word. If they had been allowed in the main text, the notes would be far fewer. Moo has a handful of favorite dialogue partners, often playing one off of another; occasionally a footnote is simply the name of the scholar who suggests a certain reading. Moo includes systematic theology as a part of the discussion on a few occasions, especially in places where theology is effected by an exegetical point in the text (imputation of sin in Rom 5:12, for example). [Full Review]
Joel R. Beeke May 4, 2012 4.8 5
Get a new perspective on Pauline theology with this volume in the NICNT. A significant revision of Douglas Moo’s work for the defunct Wycliffe series, it replaces Jon Murray’searlier work. Moo comments on the entire Epistle, interacting with the very latest scholarly discussions and repeatedly demonstrating the importance of historical context for exegesis. [Full Review]
atchiso9 February 28, 2012 5 5
Absolutely fabulous commentary; this one is the gold standard when it comes to being faith to the text, defending sound orthodoxy and being pastoral all at the same time. Still not quite sure if I agree with his interpretation of Romans 7 (still wrestling with it), but the commentary is worth having regardless if you agree or not. This is a commentary I will go back to for years
J L Smith May 14, 2010 5 5
Not much else to really mention as everyone has pretty much nailed it. I have not totally read through this commentary but when I have looked it up, Moo has been insightful and balanced. I particularly liked his discourse on Romans 7:14-25. After thinking over his position (he does a great job examining the major positions) he seems to have shifted my view (originally I thought it referred to Paul in his present state when writing the letter) through thorough exegesis and a very convincing argument. In all, this commentary is a must for anyone who wants to take Romans seriously. I would add that Morris' or Cranfield's comentary is a worthy companion.
Jason Kuo October 28, 2009 5 5
Moo's work on Romans is absolutely fantastic. It has the right amount of detail to really work through some of the difficult issues in the text, and he carefully weighs the different options that have been proposed before demonstrating his own position. It's an invaluable resource for anyone studying Romans.
Scot McKnight May 6, 2009 4.80000019073486 5
Third, I shift to my former colleague Doug Moo [Full Review]
Jonathan C. November 3, 2008 5 5
One of the most complete commentaries on Romans. It is detailed where it needs to be, but not overly so. Great buy, especially if you can only have one commentary on Romans.
Derek Thomas September 20, 2008 5 5
A colossal commentary (over a thousand pages!). Moo's interpretation of Romans 7 is definitely not recommended; nevertheless, his commentary has already become a standard and has more to offer than Cranfield. See his contribution on Romans in the New Bible Commentary, 21st edition for shorter treatment.
John Glynn September 20, 2008 5 5
Jim Rosscup September 20, 2008 4.5 5
Douglas Moo's commentary on Romans is judged by many to be the best all around evangelical commentary on this epistle. It is thorough, but it is not overly technical. Moo presents his exegetical arguments carefully and cogently. This reader is especially impressed by his treatment of Romans 11. In terms of intermediate-advanced level commentaries, this one is the best place to begin. [Full Review]
Brian LeStourgeon July 31, 2008 5 5
Moo and Schreiner (BECNT, 1998) are both "5s" as far as I can tell. Schreiner is more engaging, but Moo is a tad more complete overall. Get them both when you can.
D. A. Carson May 26, 2008 5 5

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