Christ, Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification
Christ, Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification

Christ, Our Righteousness: Paul's Theology of Justification

in New Studies in Biblical Theology

by Mark A. Seifrid

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Pages 222
Publisher IVP Academic
Published 2001
ISBN-13 0830826092
Since the time of the Reformation, considerable attention has been given to the theme of justification in the thought of the apostle Paul. The ground-breaking work of E. P. Sanders in Paul and Palestinian Judaism (1977) introduced the "new perspective on Paul," provoking an ongoing debate which is now dominated by major protagonists. Foundational theological issues are at stake.

In this new study, Mark Seifrid offers a comprehensive analysis of Paul's understanding of justification, in the light of important themes including the righteousness of God, the Old Testament law, faith, and the destiny of Israel. A detailed examination of justification in the letter to the Romans is followed by a survey of the entire Pauline corpus.

Seifrid's analysis incorporates a critical assessment of the "new perspective," challenging its most basic assumptions; an evaluation of the contribution of recent German scholarship; and a reaffirmation of the "Christ-centered" theology of the Reformers. In this wide-ranging exposition of the biblical message of justification, Seifrid provides a fresh, balanced reworking of Pauline theology.


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BRathbun BRathbun January 24, 2021
Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with this book, but perhaps it just wasn't meant for me. I feel like I'm pretty aware of the discussion on justification and the NPP but I couldn't track with Seifred at all. Hard to get into maybe. When he made application, I usually found it thought provoking and sometimes profound. If you are deeply entrenched in the Pauline debates today, then this is probably right up your alley. Otherwise, probably pass for another. Very technical.