The Gospel In Exodus
The Gospel In Exodus

The Gospel In Exodus

by Henry Law

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Publisher Zondervan
Published 1855
Rev. Henry Law was born on 28 September 1797 at Kelshall Rectory, Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England. He was the son of Rt. Rev. George Henry Law and Jane Adeane. He died on 25 November 1884 at age 87, unmarried.


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Joel R. Beeke Joel R. Beeke April 15, 2012
It is the Christian contention that all of Scripture speaks of Jesus. In Christ Is All, Henry Law walks through the first five books of the Old Testament and shows how the books of Moses are a treasury of Christ. This classic devotional exposition, once published in 5 volumes, is now conveniently bound in one nicely re-typeset edition. [Full Review]