Special Studies in 2 Peter, Jude

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All Books on Special Studies in 2 Peter, Jude

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Jude and the Relatives of Jesus in the Early Church Bauckham, Richard J. 432 1990
Jude on the Attack A Comparative Analysis of the Epistle of Jude, Jewish Judgment Oracles, and Greco-Roman Invective Robinson, Alexandra 240 LNTS 2017
The God Who Judges and Saves: A Theology of 2 Peter and Jude Harmon, Matthew S. 128 CNTT 2023
The Theology of the Letters of James, Peter, and Jude Chester, Andrew; Martin, Ralph P. 204 NTT 1994
James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Early Jesus Traditions Foster, Paul; Hartin, Patrick J.; Allison, Jr., Dale C.; Batten, Alicia J.; Kaden, David A.; Horrell, David G.; Watson, Duane F.; Callan, Terrance; Green, Gene L. 248 LNTS 2014
A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude; Living in the Light of the Coming King Davids, Peter H. 416 BTNT 2014
Reading Second Peter with New Eyes: Methodological Reassessments of the Letter of Second Peter Watson, Duane F.; Webb, Robert L.; Green, Gene L.; Callan, Terrance; Sylva, Dennis D.; Reese, Ruth Anne; Miller, James C. 202 LNTS 2010
Reading Jude With New Eyes: Methodological Reassessments of the Letter of Jude Davids, Peter H.; Webb, Robert L.; Lockett, Darian R.; Hultin, Jeremy F.; Bauman-Martin, Betsy J.; Charles, J. Daryl 176 LNTS 2009
A Text-Critical Study of the Epistle of Jude Landon, Charles 176 LNTS 1996
2 Peter and Jude Bauckham, Richard J. 128 WBT 2020
A Feminist Companion to the Catholic Epistles and Hebews eds. Levine, Amy-Jill 216 FCB 2000
Living in God’s True Story: 2 Peter Morcom, Donald L. 128 TW 2021

Forthcoming Works

Year Author Title Series
forthcoming Bird, Michael F. 2 Peter, Jude Zondervan Critical Introductions to the New Testament
forthcoming Himes, Paul A. Jude Lexham Research Commentary
forthcoming Himes, Paul A. 2 Peter Lexham Research Commentary
forthcoming Smith, Shively T. J. 2 Peter and Jude New Word Biblical Themes: New Testament Series
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