Kregel Exegetical Library

The Kregel Exegetical Library (KEL) combines up-to-date scholarship and concrete application to serve as an ideal guide for preaching and teaching. Staying close to the text while interacting with the best of scholarship, this series shows what the text means for us today. Each volume includes perceptive comments, in-depth introductions, thorough explanations, theological insights, and hands-on applications. This is an ongoing series that plans to cover the entire Bible.

Written by top evangelical scholars, the Kregel Exegetical Library provides careful, in-depth exegesis and homiletical guidance for each passage covered. The commentators shed exegetical and theological light on their books for contemporary preachers and students of Scripture. Pastors, teachers, and all serious students of the Bible will find the KEL commentaries invaluable for improving the ability to expound it with precision and depth.



Year Author Title Series
forthcoming 2027 Cunha, Wilson de Angelo A Commentary on Genesis Kregel Exegetical Library
forthcoming Heim, Erin M. A Commentary on Galatians Kregel Exegetical Library
forthcoming Harris, Dana M. A Commentary on Revelation Kregel Exegetical Library