Introducing the New Testament

John W. Drane

Introducing the New Testament
Introducing the New Testament

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Categories: NT Introductions

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Pages: 480 pages
Publisher: Fortress Press
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 0800632729
ISBN-13: 9780800632724


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The present book is the revision of the first 1986 edition of John Dranes Introducing the New Testament. Targeted at students and general readers, the book is confessional in nature, and the author writes from a Christian perspective (458). The subtitle states that this work is completely revised and updated. The new edition contains twenty-five chapters, as did the previous edition, though Drane has added a new concluding chapter presenting an approach for reading the New Testament and compressed two of the previous editions chapters into one. Some sections of the second edition remain unchanged from the first, but elsewhere there are significant revisions, with Drane seamlessly integrating new material into his previous text. For example, historical and sociological material regarding the city of Sepphoris blends nicely into his narrative (4850). In still other sections Drane has completely rewritten passages to interact with more recent literature. While there may be no standard to write a New Testament introduction, Dranes book is certainly not typical, and his presentation offers unique perspectives. [Full Review]
Those seeking a broad introduction to the New Testament for use with readers who are relatively new to the critical discussions that have surrounded it will find John Dranes Introducing the New Testament a welcome resource. In addition to the clear and straightforward treatments of the various issues of New Testament history, theology, and interpretation, the book features a wealth of photographs, maps, and diagrams that add vividness to the prose. Focal sections zoom in on topics of special interest related to the overviews contained in the volumes main text. Helpful summaries a t the end of each chapter assist the reader in drawing conclusions regarding the topics at hand. While lacking the high level of scholarly interaction one would find in the more technical scholarly introductions to the New Testament, the work seems tailor-made for use in the college classroom, where the twin demands of vivid interest and succinct synopsis predominate. The author is especially adept at anticipating and addressing the philosophical and religious questions that contemporary readers are likely to be mulling as they approach the New Testament. Essentially an expansion and adaptation of Dranes previous volumes introducing Jesus and the Gospels, Paul, and the early church, the current work enhances and expands its first edition, published in 1986, with the addition of discussions related to the historical Jesus, the distinctive theologies of the four Evangelists, and Pauls role in moving the church beyond its roots in Judaism. The first half of the volume is taken up with treatments of Jesus (chs. [Full Review]

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