Ezekiel 21–37
Ezekiel 21–37

Ezekiel 21–37

in Anchor Yale Bible

by Moshe Greenberg

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Pages 372
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1997
ISBN-13 9780300139679
Ezekiel was and is perhaps the most misunderstood and challenging Hebrew prophet. His prophecies and visions transport us to almost indescribable realms, completely uncharted territory this side of heaven. But as one of Israel’s three major prophets, the words and symbolic actions of this mouthpiece of God were directed to a people weighed down by the realities of human experience.

In this long-awaited and eagerly anticipated second volume of his commentary on the Book of Ezekiel, Moshe Greenberg exhibits the characteristic care and special sensitivity of a world-renowned scholar. He translates the text into a flowing English that captures the richness and subtleties of the problematic Hebrew original. Using illustrations from a vast array of literature on Ezekiel, Greenberg brings the book’s prophecies and people alive for modern readers.


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AndrewKlein46 AndrewKlein46 November 11, 2022
One of my first Biblical Studies classes during my undergraduate work was a class on Ezekiel. I did not have very good guidance on how to find a good commentary for my final research paper. I had slogged through many very poor commentaries that had made me exhausted; I was close to giving up. That was until I got to Moshe Greenberg's work. It was reinvigorating. Daniel Block's commentary is a close second, but the expertise Greenberg displays as well as his reverence for the text makes this two volume work the best on Ezekiel, even despite the fact that it does not cover all 48 chapters.