Judges Through the Centuries
Judges Through the Centuries

Judges Through the Centuries

in Blackwell Bible Commentaries

by David M. Gunn

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Pages 344
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Published 2005
ISBN-13 9780631222514
Jonah Through the Centuries is a systematic examination of the reception history of the book of Jonah, long-recognized for its numerous theological implications and diverse interpretations. The first book of its kind written in English, this singular volume provides a lucid and coherent commentary on the most influential re-readings of Jonah in Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and secular traditions. Author Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer progresses slowly through the book of Jonah verse-by-verse―even word-by-word through key verses such as Jonah 1:1 and 2:1―to offer readers deep insight into the many and multifaceted interpretations of Jonah from early Jewish readings to modern literary retellings. Structured thematically rather than strictly chronologically, the text begins with the earliest interpretation and follows its trendline all the way through to modern times before turning to the next-oldest interpretation. The commentary covers a broad range of retellings in many languages and in various media including commentaries, sermons, prose, poetry, theatrical drama, art, and music. Throughout the text, the author demonstrates how all these retellings ultimately originate within the biblical text itself and highlights how many of the interpretations are fueled and influenced by the interpreter’s religious background, cultural assumptions, and their preconceived notions of what the text should say.