in Revised Expositor's Bible Commentary

by John H. Sailhamer

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Pages 880
Publisher Zondervan
Published 2008
ISBN-13 9780310230823


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Warren Truesdale Warren Truesdale March 6, 2019
Sailhamer’s interpretation of Genesis is a little eccentric, but nonetheless very eye-opening. You will not read Genesis the same after reading this commentary—in a good way. Sailhamer summarizes his view, “The final shape of the Pentateuch reflects an interest in reading its historical narratives both typologically and futuristically. The events of the past are presented as pointers to the future. [Full Review]
Mark Heath Mark Heath January 6, 2010
Strong on how each story fits into the overall purpose of the Pentateuch, but lacks enough space to address many of the issues an expositor would like comment on. The revised EBC is a very well-presented series representing good value for money. [Full Review]
John Sailhamer's EBC (now bound with Walter Kaiser on Exodus and Richard Hess on Leviticus) has been revised for the new series under Tremper Longman's editorial direction. I haven't seen the new edition, but I liked Sailhamer's original EBC. It seemed to me to be one of the best popular-level commentaries. I'm guessing it's significantly improved with the new edition, and it's pretty much hot off the presses as I write this, having come out earlier this year. Sailhamer is well-known for his The Pentateuch as Narrative. [Full Review]