I and II Chronicles
I and II Chronicles

I and II Chronicles

in Old Testament Library

by Sara Japhet

4.93 Rank Score: 6.31 from 8 reviews, 6 featured collections, and 7 user libraries
Pages 1077
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Published 1993
ISBN-13 9780664218454


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G Ware G Ware February 16, 2018
As someone who hasn't done much work in Chronicles, my collection of commentaries on Chronicles is not surprisingly not extensive. It's basically the volume from the Keil and Delitzsch series and this one. But Japhet's commentary has never disappointed in the handful of times I've consulted it.
Princeton Seminary Princeton Seminary January 5, 2018
offers a thorough critical and exegetical study of these OT books
Tim Challies Tim Challies July 22, 2013
Japhet’s commentary is written from something of a critical perspective, so an extra measure of discernment will be necessary when consulting it. But most experts still recommend it because of its thoroughness in many areas. Longman says that its greatest weakness is in the area of theology, but still calls it a masterful work and points out that it “covers the bases on the book of Chronciles: philology, text, literary strategy, and history.” He explains that despite Japhet’s moderately critical perspective she still arrives at many sound, conservative conclusions. [Full Review]
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Japhet's commentary is written from a moderately critical perspective, so it must be used with care, but its thoroughness makes it worth consulting. It is a must for seminary students doing in-depth study of these books. [Full Review]
A detailed theological commentary that is sensitive to Chronicles as history. [Full Review]
Unnatributed-d Unnatributed-d May 26, 2008