in Interpretation

by James L. Mays

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Pages 457
Publisher Westminster John Knox
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780804231152


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Robert N Houston Robert N Houston June 13, 2020
Profound...highyly recommend.
There are numerous commentaries on the Psalms. The most helpful for preachers
The Interpretation commentary by James Mays is a standout in a number of ways. While I often have reservations about this series, I really like this one. The reason I hesitate to recommend the series as a whole is that there isn't a very large ideal audience for it. It's supposed to be intended for a lay audience, who by definition are not prepared to handle complex details and intricacies of arguments. It doesn't present such details. The problem is that I'm trying to recommend commentaries as a conservative evangelical, and this series tends to accept conclusions that evangelicals will tend to resist, but the argumentation isn't always there in these commentaries to evaluate, and the intended audience isn't equipped to evaluate them to begin with. Some of them are nonetheless valuable for connections with contemporary settings, and a few are especially good in terms of theological probing. Mays is at his best when he's doing the latter, and he has an eye for the New Testament throughout the commentary. Some psalms get much more coverage than others, but he does treat every psalm. [Full Review]
This is a theological and practical commentary set within the contexts of the canon of Scripture and the history of interpretation. [Full Review]