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in Crossway Classic Commentaries

by John Calvin

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Pages 480
Publisher Crossway
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780891077787


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atchiso9 atchiso9 August 19, 2012
I think too many people run away from the commentators of old. In the case of this commentary, I think it furthers the case. Calvin's interaction with the scripture still is not matched by many evangelicals today. He faithfully goes back to the text and shows us again and again why numerous scholars call him "the father of exposition and exegesis." Furthermore, his work is a classic for historical theological reasons as well. If you want to see some of the fault line issues debated between the Protestants and Catholics (especially revolving around Transubstantiation and John 6). Overall, Calvin is a person who should always be consulted when doing exegesis.