The Message of Ecclesiastes
The Message of Ecclesiastes

The Message of Ecclesiastes

in Bible Speaks Today

by Derek Kidner

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Pages 110
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1991
ISBN-13 9780877842866


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The Message of Ecclesiastes Kidner, Derek
Tim Challies November 18, 2013
5 5
Ecclesiastes is a book that lends itself to varied interpretations. Kidner is one of my favorite commentators and I was glad to see that his commentary rated near the top for most of the experts. Jim Rosscup calls this a “lively, popular exposition of Ecclesiastes that relates the message, accurately given, to life today.” Written at a popular-level, this one will be suitable for general readers and pastors alike. [Full Review]
The Message of Ecclesiastes Kidner, Derek
The Message of Ecclesiastes Kidner, Derek
Derek Kidner's commentaries are always helpful, and since one of his areas of expertise is Old Testament Wisdom Literature, his commentary on Ecclesiastes is one of his best. It is a popular level work, accessible to any reader, yet it still contains profound insight and application. Highly recommended. [Full Review]