The Gospel of Luke

Joseph A. Fitzmyer

The Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of Luke

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Series: Anchor Yale Bible
Categories: Luke
Tags: PastoralTechnical

The Gospel of Luke 1-9

The Gospel of Luke 10-24


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4.41428571428571 out of 5 based on 7 user ratings
Warren Truesdale March 31, 2019 4 5
Simply a classic. Though a little dated, Fitzmyer leaves no stone unturned. Consequently, if anyone is wanting a detailed study of Luke—exegetically and theologically—this a must buy. If you’re wanting exposition and application then save your money and time. Fitzmyer argues, “Luke is concerned to pass on to a postapostolic age a Jesus-tradition that is related to the biblical history of Israel and to insist that it is only within the stream of apostolic tradition, represented by Peter and Paul, that one finds this divinely destined salvation.” (9) [Full Review]
Graham Ware February 15, 2018 5 5
I don't always agree with Fitzmyer on issues of date, setting, redactions, sources, etc., but it would of course be a huge mistake to not take him seriously, as an expert in the Jewish and Christian writings of the period. This Luke commentary set the tone for the study of Luke-Acts for the following decades, and much of the field is done in reference to Fitzmyer's work. The textual notes are full of a dizzying amount of citations and source connections related to vocabulary, rhetoric, theological connections, etc. The introduction is about as comprehensive as one can be (perhaps the greatest strength of the AYB compared to any other series is the depth of the introductions). Certainly a must have resource.
Princeton Seminary December 1, 2017 5 5
Phillip J. Long July 29, 2017 4.9 5
This two volume work on Luke is worthy of the adjective “magisterial.” Like other volumes in the Anchor series, the commentary section begins with a new translation of the pericope, followed by phrase-by-phrase commentary on the English text. Here Fitzmyer deals with redactional matters as well as the overall theology of Luke. In the “notes” section he goes back through the text dealing with textual criticism, lexical, syntax issues. All Greek is transliterated. Each pericope concludes with a bibliography which includes a wealth of German and French scholarship. Fitzmyer is an expert in the literature of the Second Temple Period, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Aramaic as well the New Testament. These interests appear frequently in the commentary and he suggests possible Aramaic words / phrases which may lay behind the Greek.
Scot McKnight April 21, 2009 4 5
Then I go to J. Fitzmyer [Full Review]

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