Psalms I: 1–50
Psalms I: 1–50


in Anchor Yale Bible

by Mitchell Dahood

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Psalms I: 1–50
Pages 380
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1966
ISBN-13 9780300139563
Psalms II: 51–100
Pages 430
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1968
ISBN-13 9780300139570
Psalms III: 101–150
Pages 544
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1970
ISBN-13 9780300139587


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The Anchor Bible commentary on Psalms by Mitchell Dahood takes up three volumes. It's very dated at this point. Dahood's specialty is comparative linguistics, particularly with Ugaritic, but later commentators often criticize him as going too far, assuming a linguistic connection simply because of a similar form when a more reasonable explanation is at hand within the Hebrew language itself. You won't find much in here on theology, connections with the New Testament, or contemporary application, but its value for the scholar makes it still worth a mention. [Full Review]