Paul and the Scriptures of Israel
Paul and the Scriptures of Israel

Paul and the Scriptures of Israel

in Library of New Testament Studies

by Craig A. Evans, W. D. Davies, Richard B. Hays, James A. Sanders, William Scott Green, Johan Christiaan Beker, Christopher D. Stanley, Carol K. Stockhausen, Linda L. Belleville, James M. Scott, Nancy Calvert-Koyzis, and Stephen G. Brown

Pages 304
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2015
ISBN-13 9781474230582
What is an 'echo' of Scripture? How can we detect echoes of the Old Testament in Paul, and how does their detection facilitate interpretation of the Pauline text? These are questions addressed by this collection of essays from the SBL programme unit Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity. The first part of the book reports its vigorous 1990 discussion of Richard Hays's 'Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul', including contributions by Craig Evans, James Sanders, William Scott Green and Christiaan Beker, as well as a response by R.B. Hays. The second part of the book studies specific passages where reference is made to the Old Testament explicitly or allusively. The contributors here are James Sanders, Linda Belleville, Carol Stockhausen, James Scott, Nancy Calvert and Stephen Brown.

  • Table of contents
  • "It is not as though the Word of God had failed" : an introduction to Paul and the scriptures of Israel - Craig A. Evans
  • Canon and christology in Paul - W.D. Davies
  • Echoes of scripture in the letters of Paul : abstract - Richard B. Hays
  • Listening for echoes of interpreted scripture - Craig A. Evans
  • Paul and theological history - James A. Sanders
  • Doing the text's work for it : Richard Hays on Paul's use of scripture - William Scott Green
  • Echoes and intertextuality : on the role of scripture in Paul's theology - J. Christiaan Beker
  • On the rebound : a response to critiques of Echoes of scripture in the letters of Paul - Richard B. Hays
  • Habakkuk in Qumran, Paul, and the Old Testament - James A. Sanders
  • "The Redeemer will come ek Ziōn" : Romans 11.26-27 revisited - Christopher D. Stanley
  • 2 Corinthians 3 and the principles of Pauline exegesis - Carol K. Stockhausen
  • Tradition or creation? : Paul's use of the Exodus 34 tradition in 2 Corinthians 3.7-18 - Linda L. Belleville
  • "For as many as are of works of the law are under a curse" (Galatians 3.10) - James M. Scott
  • Abraham and idolatry : Paul's comparison of odedience to the law with idolatry in Galatians 4.1-10 - Nancy L. Calvert
  • Ascending and descending with a shout : Psalm 47.6 and 1 Thessalonians 4.16 - Craig A. Evans
  • The intertextuality of Isaiah 66.17 and 2 Thessalonians 2.7 : a solution to the "restrainer" problem - Stephen G. Brown
  • Index

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