Reformed Ethics: Volume 1: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity
Reformed Ethics: Volume 1: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity

Reformed Ethics: Volume 1: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity

by Herman Bavinck

Pages 608
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2018
ISBN-13 9780801098024
Herman Bavinck's four-volume Reformed Dogmatics is one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century. Leading Bavinck expert John Bolt edited that work, which has received wide acclaim. Now Bolt has edited a recently discovered manuscript from Bavinck, in print for the first time, which serves as a companion to Reformed Dogmatics. Reformed Ethics follows the same method and explores the ethical and spiritual dimensions of key doctrines beyond that of Reformed Dogmatics. It mines the moral teachings of the early church and medieval and Puritan spirituality while addressing a variety of topics, offering scholars, pastors, and students Bavinck's mature reflections on ethical issues. This book is the first of three planned volumes.

  • Contents
  • Introduction to Herman Bavinck's Reformed Ethics
  • Introduction
  • §1 Historical Overview of Christian Ethics
  • §2 Terminology
  • §3 Division and Organization of Ethic
  • §4 Foundation and Method of Ethics
  • Book I: Humanity before Conversion
    • 1. Essential Human Nature
    • §5 Human Beings, Created in God's Image
    • §6 The Content of Human Nature
    • §7 Human Relationships
    • 2. Humanity under the Power of Sin
    • §8 The Devastation of the Image of God in Humanity
    • §9 The Organizing Principle and Classification of Sins
    • 3. The Self against the Neighbor and God
    • §10 Sins of Egoism in the Narrow Sense
    • §11 Sins against the Neighbor
    • §12 Sins against God
    • 4. The Fallen Image of God
    • §13 The Image of God in Fallen Human Beings
    • 5. Human Conscience
    • §14 The Conscience
    • 6. The Sinner and the Law
    • §15 The Law
    • §16 Natural Morality
  • Book II: Converted Humanity
    • 7. Life in the Spirit
    • §17 The Nature of the Spiritual Life
    • §18 The Origin of the Spiritual Life
    • §19 The First and Basic Activity of the Spiritual Life
    • 8. Life in the Spirit in the Church's History
    • §20 Mysticism, Pietism, and Methodism
    • 9. The Shape and Maturation of the Christian Life
    • §21 The Imitation of Christ
    • §22 The Growth of the Spiritual Life
    • 10. Persevering in the Christian Life
    • §23 Security and Sealing
    • 11. Pathologies of the Christian Life
    • §24 Diseases of the Spiritual Life and Their Roots
    • 12. Restoration and Consummation of the Christian Life
    • §25 Means of Restoration
    • §26 Fulfillment of the Spiritual Life
      • Indexes


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