in Old Testament Guides

by William Johnstone

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Publisher Sheffield Academic Press
ISBN-13 9781850752394


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bigcat bigcat May 29, 2021
The author is far more academic and difficult to read for the non-student or specialist than are authors of other books in this series. Most of the book revolves around the ideas that Exodus is not historical in any way and that the author's thought on the D and P strands of the JEDP theory are right and all other opinions are wrong. A comparison would be to studying the Mona Lisa by examining the picture as generally perceived, the brushwork, the model, the artist, and historical appreciation for the work versus cutting the picture into little pieces and only discussing the picture in fragments and pile structure with the guide's opinion on pile composition being the major part of the tour. For the casual art lover, the former is far more interesting than the latter and results in less aspirin consumption.