Hosea: Grace Abounding
Hosea: Grace Abounding

Hosea: Grace Abounding

in International Theological Commentary (Eerdmans)

by H. D. Beeby

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Pages 200
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 1989
ISBN-13 9780802804303
Centering on the 'knowledge of God' and the ultimate painful, paradoxical triumph of God's grace, the book of Hosea is one of ambivalence and redemption. The redemptive message of Hosea is underscored by H. D. Beeby's canonical and Christological interpretation. / Beeby stresses that the true context of the book is much wider than the eighth century B. C.; Hosea must continually be heard against the background of and in response to the reader's own time. This commentary makes Hosea's message available today to all who struggle with questions of gospel and culture, contextualization, idolatry, church and state, and interfaith dialogue.


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