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Biblical Interpretation in Early Christian Gospels: The Gospel of Mark Bock, Darrell L.; Broadhead, Edwin K.; Cummins, Stephen Anthony; Edwards, James R.; Evans, Craig A.; Hatina, Thomas R.; Perkins, Larry; Porter, Stanley E.; Proctor, Mark; Shepherd, Tom; Svartvik, Jesper 204 LNTS 2006
Mark's Jesus: Characterization as Narrative Christology Struthers-Malbon, Elizabeth 300 2009
Reading Mark in Context: Jesus and Second Temple Judaism Watts, Rikk E.; Bendoraitis, Kristian A.; Marshall, Mary; Shively, Elizabeth Evans; Snodgrass, Klyne; Bird, Michael F.; Garland, David E.; Jensen, Morten Hørning; Beers, Holly; Whittle, Sarah; Iverson, Kelly R.; Henderson, Susanne Watts; Grindheim, Sigurd; Pifer, Jeanette Hagen; Aernie, Jeffrey W.; Instone-Brewer, David; Mathews, Mark D.; Goodrich, John K.; Gombis, Timothy G.; Perrin, Nicholas; Turner, David L.; Maston, Jason; Strauss, Mark L.; Pennington, Jonathan T.; Peeler, Amy L. B.; Gupta, Nijay K.; Bock, Darrell L.; Bond, Helen K.; Evans, Craig A.; Blackwell, Ben C. 240 2018
The Disciples According to Mark: Markan Redaction in Current Debate Black, C. Clifton 392 LNTS 1989
Women in Mark's Gospel Miller, Susan E. 320 LNTS 2004
The First Biography of Jesus: Genre and Meaning in Mark's Gospel Bond, Helen K. 360 2020
The Oral Ethos of the Early Church: Speaking, Writing, and the Gospel of Mark Dewey, Joanna 222 2013
Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist Moloney, Francis J. 240 2004
Christology and Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Henderson, Susanne Watts 304 SNTSMS 2006
Discipleship and Family Ties in Mark and Matthew Barton, Stephen C. 276 SNTSMS 2005
A Theology of Mark’s Gospel: Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God Garland, David E. 656 BTNT 2015
Following Jesus: Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark Best, Ernest 283 LNTS 1981
Der Markus-Stoff Bei Lukas: Eine Literarkritische und Redaktionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung (German Edition) Schramm, Tim 224 SNTSMS 2005
Faith as a Theme in Mark's Narrative Marshall, Christopher D. 276 SNTSMS 1995
The Psalms of Lament in Mark's Passion: Jesus' Davidic Suffering Ahearne-Kroll, Stephen 256 SNTSMS 2010
The Last Twelve Verses of Mark Farmer, William R. 144 SNTSMS 2005
The Temptation and the Passion: The Markan Soteriology Best, Ernest 304 SNTSMS 2005
The Theology of the Gospel of Mark Telford, William R. 292 NTT 1999
The Synoptic Gospels McKnight, Scot; Riches, John K.; Telford, William R.; Tuckett, Christopher M. 360 NTG 2001
Jesus' Defeat of Death: Persuading Mark's Early Readers Bolt, Peter 384 SNTSMS 2008
Aramaic Sources of Mark's Gospel Casey, Maurice 292 SNTSMS 2007
Irony in Mark's Gospel: Text and Subtext Camery-Hoggatt, Jerry 232 SNTSMS 2005
Redactional Style in the Marcan Gospel Pryke, E. J. 208 SNTSMS 2005
Jesus Christ as the Son of David in the Gospel of Mark Botner, Max 254 SNTSMS 2019
Eschatology in the Making: Mark, Matthew and the Didache Balabanski, Victoria S. 260 SNTSMS 2005
On the Independence of Matthew and Mark Rist, John M. 144 SNTSMS 2005
The Hidden Kingdom: A Redactional-Critical Study of the References to the Kingdom of God in Mark's Gospel (The Catholic Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series 2) Ambrozic, Aloysius M. CBQMS 1972
Mark: Texts & Contexts eds. Duran, Nicole Wilkinson; Okure, Teresa; Patte, Daniel M. 288 TaC 2010
Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism Essays in Honor of Larry W. Hurtado Carey, Holly J.; Keith, Chris; Owen, Paul L.; Adams, Sean A.; Kraus, Thomas J.; Kruger, Michael J.; Roth, Dieter T.; Wasserman, Tommy; Allen, David L.; Bauckham, Richard J.; Beavis, Mary Ann; Middleton, Paul 272 LNTS 2014
Character Studies and the Gospel of Mark Skinner, Christopher W.; Malbon, Elizabeth Struthers; Hauge, Matthew Ryan; Driggers, Brent; Williams, Joel F.; Shively, Elizabeth Evans; Danove, Paul L.; Miller, Susan E.; Winn, Adam; Bennema, Cornelis 256 LNTS 2014
Mockery and Secretism in the Social World of Mark's Gospel Neufeld, Dietmar 224 LNTS 2014
Marcan Priority Without Q: Explorations in the Farrer Hypothesis Eve, Eric; Carlson, Stephen C.; Goodacre, Mark; Olson, Ken; Abakuks, Andris; Peterson, Jeffrey; Landry, David; Poirier, John C.; Kloppenborg, John S. 256 LNTS 2015
The Theological Role of Paradox in the Gospel of Mark Sweat, Laura C. 224 LNTS 2015
A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic Between Christology and Authentic Discipleship Bayer, Hans F. 240 2012
Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views Elliott, J. K.; Bock, Darrell L.; Wallace, Daniel B.; Robinson, Maurice A. 160 Pers 2008
Matthew and Mark Across Perspectives Dunn, James D. G.; Watson, Francis; Lawrence, Louise J.; Bond, Helen K.; Witherington III, Ben; Stuckenbruck, Loren T.; Bendoraitis, Kristian A.; Hagner, Donald A.; Frayer-Griggs, Daniel; Francis, Peter 224 LNTS 2015
Disciples and Discipleship: Studies in the Gospel According to Mark Best, Ernest 256 2000
Mark 15:39 as a Markan Theology of Revelation: The Centurion's Confession as Apocalyptic Unveiling Gamel, Brian 196 LNTS 2017
The Barren Temple and the Withered Tree:A Redaction-Critical Analysis of the Cursing of the Fig-Tree Pericope in Mark's Gospel and Its Relation to the Cleansing of the Temple Tradition Telford, William R. 336 LNTS 2015
Jesus and the Laws of Purity: Tradition History and Legal History in Mark 7 Booth, Roger P. 278 LNTS 1987
Watchwords: Mark 13 in Markan Eschatology Geddert, Timothy J. 330 LNTS 1989
Mark's Audience: The Literary and Social Setting of Mark 4.11-12 Beavis, Mary Ann 272 LNTS 2015
A Theology of Mark: The Dynamic between Christology and Authentic Discipleship Bayer, Hans F. 240 EBT
Teaching with Authority: Miracles and Christology in the Gospel of Mark Broadhead, Edwin K. 235 LNTS 1992
Oral Tradition and the Gospels: The Problem of Mark 4 Henaut, Barry W. 336 LNTS 1993
Prophet, Son, Messiah: Narrative Form and Function in Mark 14-16 Broadhead, Edwin K. 336 LNTS 1994
Other Followers of Jesus: Minor Characters as Major Figures in Mark's Gospel Williams, Joel F. 231 LNTS 1994
The Motif of Wonder in the Gospel of Mark Dwyer, Timothy 243 LNTS 1996
Goulder and the Gospels An Examination of a New Paradigm Goodacre, Mark 418 LNTS 1996
Narrative Discipleship: Portraits of Women in the Gospel of Mark Aernie, Jeffrey W. 2018
Crisis and Continuity: Time in the Gospel of Mark Schildgen, Brenda Deen 178 LNTS 1998
Mark: A Reader-Response Commentary van Iersel, Bas M. F. 562 LNTS 1997
Naming Jesus: Titular Christology in the Gospel of Mark Broadhead, Edwin K. 192 LNTS 1999
Linguistics and Exegesis in the Gospel of Mark: Applications Of a Case Frame Analysis And Lexicon Danove, Paul L. 248 LNTS 2001
Mark 13 and the Return of the Shepherd: The Narrative Logic of Zechariah in Mark Sloan, Paul 240 LNTS 2019
Mark's Gospel--Prior or Posterior?: A Reappraisal of the Phenomenon of Order Neville, David 410 LNTS 2002
The Anecdote in Mark, the Classical World and the Rabbis: A Study of Brief Stories in the Demonax, The Mishnah, and Mark 8:27-10:45 ( Moeser, Marion 306 LNTS 2002
In Search of a Context: The Function of Scripture in Mark's Narrative Hatina, Thomas R. 440 LNTS 2002
Slave of All: The Paradox of Authority and Servanthood in the Gospel of Mark Santos, Narry 342 LNTS 2003
But It Is Not So Among You: Echoes of Power in Mark 10.32-45 de Mingo Kaminouchi, Alberto 256 LNTS 2003
The Date of Mark's Gospel: Insight from the Law in Earliest Christianity Crossley, James G. 256 LNTS 2004
The Rhetoric of Characterization of God, Jesus and Jesus' Disciples in the Gospel of Mark Danove, Paul L. 224 LNTS 2005
Biblical Interpretation in Early Christian Gospels Volume 1: The Gospel of Mark Bock, Darrell L.; Broadhead, Edwin K.; Dewey, Joanna; Edwards, James R.; Evans, Craig A.; Hatina, Thomas R.; Perkins, Larry; Porter, Stanley E.; Proctor, Mark; Shepherd, Tom; Svartvik, Jesper 224 LNTS 2006
Transfigured: A Derridean Re-Reading of the Markan Transfiguration Wilson, Andrew P. 200 LNTS 2007
Matthew's Judaization of Mark: Examined in the Context of the Use of Sources in Graeco-Roman Antiquity O'Leary, Anne M. 240 LNTS 2006
Gentiles in the Gospel of Mark: 'Even the Dogs Under the Table Eat the Children's Crumbs' Iverson, Kelly R. 224 LNTS 2007
A Postcolonial Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus Samuel, Simon 206 LNTS 2007
The Synoptic Gospels and the Psalms as Prophecy Subramanian, J. Samuel 192 LNTS 2008
Resurrection in Mark's Literary-Historical Perspective Fullmer, Paul 272 LNTS 2007
The Power of Disorder: Ritual Elements in Mark's Passion Narrative Duran, Nicole Wilkinson 142 LNTS 2009
The Use of Scripture in the Markan Passion Narrative O'Brien, Kelli S. 344 LNTS 2010
Jesus' Cry From the Cross: Towards a First-Century Understanding of the Intertextual Relationship between Psalm 22 and the Narrative of Mark's Gospel Carey, Holly J. 240 LNTS 2009
A Poetic Discontent: Austin Farrer and the Gospel of Mark Titley, Robert 240 LNTS 2010
The Reign of God is Such as These: A Socio-Literary Analysis of Daughters in the Gospel of Mark Betsworth, Sharon 176 LNTS 2010
Royal Messianism and the Jerusalem Priesthood in the Gospel of Mark Cho, Bernardo 264 LNTS 2019
Gospel Women and the Long Ending of Mark Lyons-Pardue, Kara 224 LNTS 2020
Narrative Space and Mythic Meaning in Mark Struthers-Malbon, Elizabeth 212 1986

Forthcoming Works

forthcoming Middleton, Paul Discovering Mark: Content, Interpretation, Reception Discovering Biblical Texts
forthcoming Skinner, Christopher W. Mark New Word Biblical Themes: New Testament Series
forthcoming Strauss, Mark L. Mark Zondervan Critical Introductions to the New Testament