Discourse Analysis

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All Books on Discourse Analysis

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
Ruth Block, Daniel I. 304 ZECOT 2015
Obadiah Block, Daniel I. 128 ZECOT 2015
Joel Barker, Joel 208 ZECOT 2020
Nahum Timmer, Daniel C. 208 ZECOT 2017
A Semantic and Structural Analysis of James Hart, George 184 2001
The Book of James - A New Perspective: A Linguistic Commentary Applying Discourse Analysis Varner, William 240 2011
Jonah Youngblood, Kevin J. 192 ZECOT 2015
Discourse Analysis and Other Topics in Biblical Greek Porter, Stanley E.; Guthrie, George H.; Levinsohn, Stephen H.; Reed, Jeffrey T.; Silva, Moisés; Carson, D. A.; Stamps, Dennis L.; Lane, Eugene N.; Köstenberger, Andreas J.; Brehm, H. Alan; Palmer, Michael 240 LNTS 1995
A Discourse Analysis of Philippians: Method and Rhetoric in the Debate over Literary Integrity Reed, Jeffrey T. 525 LNTS 1997
Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek: A Survey of Basic Concepts and Applications Black, David Alan 236 2000
Linguistics and New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Discourse Analysis Black, David Alan 319 1993
Discourse Analysis of Biblical Literature: What It Is and What It Offers (The Society of Biblical Literature Semeia Studies) eds. Bodine, Walter Ray 274 1995
Discourse Analysis and the New Testament: Approaches and Results Porter, Stanley E.; Reed, Jeffrey T.; Nida, Eugene A.; O'Donnell, Matthew Brook; Black, Stephanie L.; Longacre, Robert E.; Schenk, Wolfgang; Watt, Jonathan M.; Martín-Asensio, Gustavo; Klutz, Todd E.; Erickson, Richard J.; Louw, Johannes P.; Levinsohn, Stephen H.; Wendland, Ernst H.; Snyman, Andries H.; Olsson, Birger; Callow, John 432 LNTS 1999
The Bezan Text of Acts: A Contribution of Discourse Analysis to Textual Criticism Read-Heimerdinger, Jenny 392 LNTS 2003
A Discourse Analysis of the Letter to the Hebrews: The Relationship between Form and Meaning Westfall, Cynthia Long 352 LNTS 2006
Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics Van Der Merwe, Christo H. J.; Longacre, Robert E.; Andersen, Francis I.; Niccacci, Alviero; Buth, Randall; Lode, Lars; Miller, Cynthia L.; Andersen, T. David; Bailey, Nicholas Andrew; Kuhn, Hanni; Winther-Nielsen, Nicolai; Bergen, Robert D.; Hwang, Shin Ja J.; de Regt, Lénart J.; Wendland, Ernst H.; Ljungberg, Bo-Krister; Salisbury, Murray; Callow, John; Van Dyke Parunak, H.; Clark, David J. 560 1994

Forthcoming Works

Year Author Title Series
forthcoming DeRouchie, Jason S. Zephaniah Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament
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