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The Library of New Testament Studies is a premier book series that offers cutting-edge work for a readership of scholars, teachers in the field of New Testament studies, postgraduate students and advanced undergraduates. All the many and diverse aspects of New Testament study are represented and promoted, including innovative work from historical perspectives, studies using social-scientific and literary theory, and developing theological, cultural and contextual approaches.

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2017 Adams, Sean A.; Ehorn, Seth M.; Menken, Maartin; Moyise, Steve P.; Porter, Stanley E.; Williams, Catrin H.; Reasoner, Mark; Ciampa, Roy E. Composite Citations in Antiquity: Volume 2: New Testament Uses
2017 Grant, Jamie A.; Henze, Matthias; Brookins, Timothy A.; Richter, Amy; Strauss, Mark L.; Walton, Steve; Reynolds, Benjamin E.; Maston, Jason; L. B. Peeler, Amy; Kovalishyn, Mariam Kamell; Jobes, Karen H.; Paul, Ian; Rosner, Brian S.; Radner, Ephraim Anthropology and New Testament Theology
2018 Omerzu, Heike; Kloppenborg, John S.; Alkier, Stefan; Muller, Mogens; Watson, Francis; Tuckett, Christopher M.; Becker, Eve Marie; Rothschild, Clare K.; Scherer, Hildegard; Goodacre, Mark; Kahl, Werner; Matthews, Shelley; Roth, Dieter T. Gospel Interpretation and the Q-Hypothesis
2017 Hilton, Allen Illiterate Apostles: Uneducated Early Christians and the Literates Who Loved Them
2017 Hurtado, Larry W. Texts and Artefacts: Collected Essays on Early Christian Manuscripts
2017 Moller, Hilde Brekke The Vermes Quest: The Significance of Geza Vermes for Jesus Research
2017 Huttunen, Niko; Thorsteinsson, Runar M.; Pitts, Andrew W.; Ajluni, Bahij; Briones, Dave E.; Gupta, Nijay K.; McFarland, Orrey; Buch-Hansen, Gitte; Worthington, John; Brookins, Timothy A.; Dodson, Joseph R.; Tabb, Brian J.; Nygaard, Matthias; Pierce, Madison N. Paul and the Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition
2018 Lakey, Michael The Ritual World of Paul the Apostle: Metaphysics, Community and Symbol in 1 Corinthians 11. 17-34
2017 Bennema, Cornelis Mimesis in the Johannine Literature
2017 Hockey, Katherine M.; Pierce, Madison N.; Watson, Francis; Horrell, David G.; Marcar, Katie; Hafemann, Scott J.; Nienhuis, David R.; Reese, Ruth Anne; Bauckham, Richard J.; North, Wendy E. S. ; Moffitt, David M.; Moore, Nicholas J.; Wall, Robert W. Muted Voices of the New Testament: Readings in the Catholic Epistles and Hebrews Edited by :
2017 Kelber, Werner; Culpepper, Alan; Shively, Elizabeth E.; Iverson, Kelly; Dewey, Joanna; Skinner, Christopher W.; Williams, Joel F.; Broadhead, Edwin; Parsons, Mikeal C.; Barr, David L.; Driggers, Brent; J. A. Clines, David; Roetzel, Calvin J.; Sumney, Jerry L.; Britt, Bryan; Tannehill, Robert C.; Exum, J. Cheryl; Hornik, Heidi J.; Oyen, Geert Van; Ruge-Jones, Philip; Walsh, Richard; Kittredge, Cynthia Briggs Let the Reader Understand: Essays in Honor of Elizabeth Struthers Malbon
2018 Wallis, Richard; Bragard, Jean-Claude; Beckford, Robert; Batty, David; Taylor, Joan; Bond, Helen K.; Adams, Edward; Harris, Mark; Ramey, Meg; Tollerton, David; Hunt, Cheryl; Goodacre, Mark The Bible on Television
2017 Gamel, Brian Mark 15:39 as a Markan Theology of Revelation: The Centurion's Confession as Apocalyptic Unveiling
2017 R. C. Cousland, J. Holy Terror: Jesus in the Infancy Gospel of Thomas
2017 Robinson, Alexandra Jude on the Attack A Comparative Analysis of the Epistle of Jude, Jewish Judgment Oracles, and Greco-Roman Invective
2017 Morales, Jon Christ, Shepherd of the Nations: The Nations as Narrative Character and Audience in John's Apocalypse
2017 Jennings, Mark A. The Price of Partnership in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: "Make My Joy Complete"
2018 Copenhaver, Adam Reconstructing the Historical Background of Paul’s Rhetoric in the Letter to the Colossians


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