Apollos Old Testament

The Bible is both a divine and a human book. It is the inspired word of God for his people, whether in biblical times or for the church today. It is also a fully human book, written by different people in a variety of cultural settings. Knowledge of biblical language and society is essential if the meaning of the human writer is to be grasped fully.

The Apollos Old Testament Commentary aims to take with equal seriousness the divine and human aspects of Scripture. It expounds the books of the Old Testament in a scholarly manner accessible to non-experts, and it shows the relevance of the Old Testament to modern readers.

Written by an international team of scholars and edited by David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham, these commentaries are intended primarily to serve the needs of those who preach from the Old Testament. They are equally suitable for use by scholars and all serious students of the Bible.

Each commentary begins with an Introduction which gives an overview of the issues of date, authorship, sources and so on, but which also outlines more fully than usual the theology of the book, and provides pointers towards its interpretation and contemporary application. An annotated Translation of the Hebrew text by the author forms the basis for the subsequent commentary.

Within the commentary, Form and Structure sections examine the context of each passage, its use of rhetorical devices, and source and form-critical issues. Comment sections offer thorough, detailed exegesis of the historical and theological meaning of each passage. And Explanation sections offer a full exposition of the theological message, within the framework of biblical theology and a commitment to the inspiration and authority of the Old Testament.

Here is a series that introduces and examines the books of the Old Testament, bridging the gap between the age in which they were written and the age in which we now read them.

Editors: David W. Baker and Gordon J. Wenham



? Baker, David W. Genesis
? Hugenberger, Gordon Judges
? Klingbeil, Gerald Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther
? Wenham, Gordon J. Psalms
? Overland, Paul Proverbs
? Fredericks, Daniel Ecclesiastes
? Estes, Daniel J. Songs of Songs
? Schultz, Richard Isaiah
? Tiemeyer, Lena-Sofia Ezekiel
? Carroll, M. Daniel Hosea
? Naylor, Peter Joel, Amos
? Möller, Karl Obadiah, Jonah, Micah
? Hartzfeld, David Habakkuk
? Luter, A. Boyd Zephaniah