Prophets and Paradigms: Essays in Honor of Gene M. Tucker
Prophets and Paradigms: Essays in Honor of Gene M. Tucker

Prophets and Paradigms: Essays in Honor of Gene M. Tucker

in The Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies

by Walter Brueggemann, J. Andrew Dearman, Philip R. Davies, Roy F. Melugin, Martin J. Buss, Thomas W. Overholt, Guillermo Ramírez, Ehud Ben Zvi, Norman K. Gottwald, Burke O. Long, Frank H. Gorman Jr., Yehoshua Gitay, and Stephen Breck Reid

Pages 248
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1996
ISBN-13 9780567027733
This collection of essays is written by biblical scholars from around the world who are friends and students of the distinguished American biblical scholar Gene M. Tucker, who was President of the Society of Biblical Literature in 1996. His scholarly interest has been wide-ranging, from a passion to understand the biblical prophets to enduring probing of the theology that gave rise to the Hebrew Bible, and this book embodies these wide-ranging interests. Each essay probes the issues of prophetic studies and the theology of the Hebrew Bible. The essays include an examination of the role of W.F. Albright as a prophetic figure in the history of biblical studies and an examination of the superscriptions in the book of the Twelve.

  • A 'characteristic' reflection on what comes next (Jeremiah 32.16-44) - Walter Brueggemann
  • The Son of Tabeel (Isaiah 7.6) - J. Andrew Dearman
  • The audiences of prophetic scrolls : some suggestions - Philip R. Davies
  • Prophetic books and the problem of historical reconstruction - Roy F. Melugin
  • Hosea as a canonical problem : with attention to the Song of Songs - Martin J. Buss
  • Elijah and Elisha in the context of Israelite religion - Thomas W. Overholt
  • The social location of the prophet Amos in the light of the group/grid cultural anthropological model - Guillermo Ramírez
  • Studying prophetic texts against their original backgrounds : pre-ordained scripts and alternative horizons of research - Ehud ben Zvi
  • Ideology and ideologies in Israelite prophecy - Norman K. Gottwald
  • W. F. Albright as prophet-reformer : a theological paradigm inscribed in scholarly practice - Burke O. Long
  • Ritualizing, rite and Pentateuchal theology - Frank H. Gorman, Jr.
  • A matter of life and death : a comparison of Proverbs 1-9 and Job - Suzanne BoorerGeography and theology in the biblical narrative : the question of Genesis 2-12 - Yehoshua Gitay
  • Psalm 50 : prophetic speech and God's performative utterances - Stephen Breck Reid

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