Paul: In Fresh Perspective
Paul: In Fresh Perspective

Paul: In Fresh Perspective

by N. T. Wright

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Pages 195
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2009
ISBN-13 9780800663575
"For me," says N.T.Wright, "there has been no more stimulating exercise, for the mind, the heart, the imagination and the spirit, than trying to think Paul's thoughts after him and constantly to be stirred up to fresh glimpses of God's ways and purposes with the world and with us strange human creatures." Wright's accessible new volume, built on his Cambridge University Hulsean Lectures of 2004, takes a fresh look at Paul in light of recent understandings of his Jewish roots, his attitude toward the Roman Empire, and his unique reframing of Jewish symbols in relation to his experience of the risen Christ. Then Wright attempts a short systematic account of the main theological contours of Paul's thought and its pertinence for the church today.

Part One Themes 1. Paul's World, Paul's Legacy 2. Creation and Covenant 3.Messiah and Apocalyptic 4. Gospel and Empire

Part Two Structures 5. Rethinking God 6. Reworking God's People 7. Reimagining God's Future 8. Paul, Jesus, and the Task of the Church


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hennie hennie November 12, 2010
Although this book contained some fascinating insights, as a whole I found it quite disappointing. There were too many places where Wright seemed to read things into the text that just weren't there; in my view he spent too much time trying to figure out what Paul was thinking by reading between the lines rather than focussing on what Paul intended to say by reading the lines themselves. To be fair, though, the book is written in a lively and enjoyable style, and it did contain some gems. This is the first book I've read on the New Perspective and, frankly, it has left me unconvinced. I intend to read Piper's critique and Wright's response to that critique as soon as I have time; maybe that will clarify the matter.
J L Smith J L Smith March 6, 2010
I really enjoyed this book! Wright, as always, is an enjoyable read. His insights are exceptional and his contribution to the topic is quite level headed. Some of his thoughts maybe a little overboard but it has made me want to read James Dunn's view all the more. A must read for all theological thinkers!