The Holiest Of All
The Holiest Of All

The Holiest Of All

by Andrew Murray

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Pages 568 pages
Publisher Whitaker House
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780883685235


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R. Hansen R. Hansen March 14, 2009
Many years ago I did a study on Hebrews. It was one of the best times in Scripture that I have had. At the time I was working through John Pipers sermons on Hebrews. I would highly recommend those sermons to any doing a study of this book. God exalting and a great encouragement to one's faith. During that time I also had this wonderful book by Andrew Murray as a constant companion. This was the perfect accompaniment to his sermons. Murray wants to help us know Jesus better, love him more, find our life and joy and strength in him. He wants to turn us from lazy Christianity to whole hearted devotion. He did just that in my life. This book is filled with my notes and underlining. I never lacked for material to meditate on in order to pursue holiness and to fill my prayers with worship. This is a great devotional commentary you should not do without even if you are doing more serious scholarly study. Its short chapters make it perfect to go back to again and again for refreshment.