I and II Peter and Jude
I and II Peter and Jude

I and II Peter and Jude

in New Testament Library

by Lewis R. Donelson

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Pages 336
Publisher Westminster John Knox
Published 2010
ISBN-13 9780664221386
The letters of First and Second Peter and Jude are often neglected but they have much wisdom to offer. With this volume, Lewis Donelson expertly integrates historical-critical concerns with theological issues, illustrating how many of the matters facing early Christian communities, and how they chose to deal with them, remain relevant to contemporary readers.


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G Ware G Ware April 1, 2015
A good commentary on 1 Peter. 2 Peter and Jude are not as strong. A midlevel commentary, this won't be terribly effective for the average reader, but direct more at pastors, and folks with at least some formal theological training.