Exodus: Saved for God's Glory
Exodus: Saved for God's Glory

Exodus: Saved for God's Glory

in Preaching the Word

by Philip Graham Ryken

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Pages 1248 pages
Publisher Crossway
Published 2005
ISBN-13 9781581344899


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PastorTimothy72 PastorTimothy72 July 27, 2021
I have become a collector of commentaries ever since my seminary days in the 1990s. As such, I am only going to recommend the best overall commentary for each book of the Bible on this site. For Exodus, for the preacher/teacher, Ryken on Exodus is definitely the best out there. It matters not that his commentary is sermonic in nature because Ryken's research on the book of Exodus is thorough and remarkably insightful. I like Enns, Stuart, Hamilton, and Motyer, but none of them are nearly as detailed, illustrative, or applicable as Ryken. If you are a preacher who can have only one commentary on Exodus, get this one.
Tim Challies Tim Challies July 29, 2017
I have read at least portions of several of Ryken’s commentaries (Luke, 1 Kings, and Ecclesiastes all come to mind) and have always benefited from them. His volume on Exodus is massive and is drawn from his sermons on the book. This makes it particularly well-suited for laypersons who simply want to understand the text better, though it will also prove valuable to the preacher.
Joel R. Beeke Joel R. Beeke April 15, 2012
Philip Graham Ryken mines the majestic biblical book of Exodus for knowledge of God’s character and instruction. Ryken’s commentary moves readers to rejoice at God’s work in the life of everyone who is on the path to spiritual freedom. A Preaching the Word commentary. [Full Review]
R. Hansen R. Hansen August 25, 2009
This is a massive work. Though in sermon form it is certainly not lacking for details. Being that it is in sermon form, application and exhortation are always where every insight leads. It is very conservative in nature. I can easily see why this would be very useful for many people looking for Bible Study or preaching help. I personally, however, found much more help both exegetically and even devotionally in Fretheim and Janzen.
Ryken is the pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. His massive expository commentary is a goldmine for preachers. It is theologically deep and refreshingly practical, all the while remaining very readable. [Full Review]