in Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

by Dan G. McCartney

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Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2009
ISBN-13 9780801026768


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cumverbo cumverbo November 10, 2017
I usually lay responsibilities of reviewing commentaries on scholars but I'm writing this review, startled by small number of reviews written on this wonderful commentary. You would definitely see the value of this book only turning on to the commentary on the chapter 2, which I guess was the reason Luther once dared to call this epistle a "strawy epistle" in his early days. Moreover, the recent debate evoked from the Pauline epistle has made James chapter 2 into a battlefield. I think this commentary performs its mission faithfully. The fact that he was once a professor at Westminster and now at Redeemer in Texas, tells his position on this debate and honestly I am in line with him. However, he has given full but concise account of the debate with super clear logic that anyone could easily grasp the big picture about what's going on.