Isaiah: God Saves Sinners
Isaiah: God Saves Sinners

Isaiah: God Saves Sinners

in Preaching the Word

by Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. and R. Kent Hughes

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Pages 496 pages
Publisher Crossway
Published 2005
ISBN-13 9781581347272


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Robert N Houston Robert N Houston April 11, 2021
Difficult to rank. Reads much like a novel based on the Bible. In some instances beautiful and lyrical. Yet the verses often get lost in a sea of poetic discourse. Motyer and Webb helped me understand the passages. If you are looking for poetry and beautiful prose, you will like this book. But if you are seeking to understand the text, this book may leave you frustrated.
Basic exposition of text and theology from an evangelical perspective. Designed to help preaching, contains illustrations, and deals with contemporary concerns. [Full Review]