in JPS Bible Commentary

by Jeffrey H. Tigay

4.4 Rank Score: 5.38 from 5 reviews, 3 featured collections, and 9 user libraries
Pages 548
Publisher Jewish Publication Society of America
Published 1996
ISBN-13 9780827603301


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My personal favorite is Jeff Tigay’s JPS Torah Commentary. This commentary has all the hallmarks of a “life’s work” kind of volume. Tigay has poured his heart and soul into this piece, brought together classic commentary with the Rabbis and theologically sensitive, common sense commentary. [Full Review]
As mentioned in previous "Top 5" posts, the JPS Torah Commentaries are written by Jewish scholars and are highly technical. Tigay writes from a somewhat critical stance, so this commentary can only be recommended with qualification for discerning pastors and seminary students. Those doing scholarly work on Deuteronomy will find it immensely helpful. [Full Review]
A committed source critic studies the book within a Jewish context. [Full Review]