The Book of Proverbs: Chapters 1–15
The Book of Proverbs: Chapters 1–15

The Book of Proverbs: Chapters 1–15

in New International Commentary on the Old Testament

by Bruce K. Waltke

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Pages 693
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780802825452


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In the first volume of Waltke’s commentary on the book of Proverbs, the reader is presented with a study both erudite and insightful, fascinating and challenging. Waltke comments in his introduction that he has been engaging with this biblical book for over a quarter of a century; as one works through his commentary, it quickly becomes clear that this has been time well spent, for Waltke has produced a study that is not only of great help simply with regard to understanding Proverbs but that also contributes to the continuing scholarly discussion on wisdom as a genre and the analysis of Hebrew poetry. The work is divided into an introduction and the commentary itself, the former spanning 130 pages and ending with a forty-page bibliography; indices of subjects, authors, scripture references, and selected Hebrew words and phrases close the volume. The usual issues of text, genre, authorship, ancient Near Eastern influences, and the like are dealt with in this introduction in an entirely helpful way. Three issues in particular are worthy of note. [Full Review]