in Understanding the Bible Old Testament

by John E. Hartley

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Pages 416
Publisher Hendrickson Publishers
Published 2000
ISBN-13 9781565632110


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Hartley is something of a moderate evangelical and is well-liked by people of similar outlook. This series tends to be very brief on exposition, with some scholarly endnotes that I expect are unreadable to a popular audience, so I've never been sure who the audience is supposed to be. It's got too little detail to be used for serious scholarship, but the scholarly footnotes give far more detail than is necessary for an exposition. Hartley defends idiosyncratic views about the structure of Genesis and of individual passages. He gives arguments for the authenticity of the patriarchal narratives and for a Mosaic role in the book. The volumes in this series are very inexpensive, so it's a nice, cheap additional resource if you just want one other perspective to balance out some other volumes. [Full Review]