Acts 1–14
Acts 1–14


in International Critical Commentary

by Charles K. Barrett

4.85 Rank Score: 6.69 from 10 reviews, 8 featured collections, and 10 user libraries
Acts 1–14
Pages 720
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780567096531
Acts 15–28
Pages 720
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780567085429


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A.E. Carnehl A.E. Carnehl September 16, 2014
C.K. Barrett's two volume ICC commentary on Acts is excellent. Barrett explores every facet of the text in a technical yet readable way. His point of view is, as another reviewer has put it, moderately critical, but he always sticks to the problems of the interpretation of the text itself without going into immaterial digressions. Even though these volumes are not exactly inexpensive, they are well worth the cost. This is an invaluable commentary that I will always consult before I preach or teach from Acts.
Tim Challies Tim Challies April 15, 2013
D.A. Carson points out that until a few years ago we were underserved by commentaries on Acts, but that this has been remedied in recent years. He adds, “Pride of place should certainly go to C.K. Barrett” and his two-volume set. “The fruit of two decades of study, these two volumes offer acute and thought-provoking comments, many of them theological, on almost every page.” Unfortunately the volumes may be difficult to track down. [Full Review]
Scot McKnight Scot McKnight April 21, 2009
But I don't go to him first anymore. I now began with C.K. Barrett's 2-volume, meticulously-researched ICC volumes [Full Review]
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Like the commentary on Matthew by Davies and Allison, this two-volume commentary on Acts in the ICC series is massive and technical. But it is also thoroughly exhaustive. It is written from a moderately critical perspective, so it should be used with care, but for students and pastors needing to look at every aspect of the text, it is invaluable (The publisher apparently thinks so too because these volumes are not cheap). There is also a one-volume abridged version available for those who do not need all of the technical details. [Full Review]
Unnatributed-d Unnatributed-d May 26, 2008
D. A. Carson D. A. Carson May 26, 2008