in Hermeneia

by John J. Collins

4.86 Rank Score: 5.96 from 7 reviews, 5 featured collections, and 7 user libraries
Pages 499
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780800660406


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For heavy lifting in critical, textual and background material on the book of Daniel.
Marcus Maher Marcus Maher November 15, 2010
Collins is an expert in apocalyptic literature, so his analysis of the apocalyptic sections along with the introduction is the strength of the commentary' (that does not suggest that the rest of the commentary isn't good). What makes Collins work so helpful is that it's extremely detailed on background issues (more so than Goldingay). The only annoyance for me is that he doesn't always comment on every single verse. As an additional bonus, you get a commentary on the additions to Daniel that are found in the Apocrypha (I think that spending a little time on the additions to Daniel is a helpful exercise when studying Daniel 1-6). As this volume is in the Hermeneia series there isn't nearly as much theological reflection as there is in Goldingay, but it's still a must read. [Full Review]
Jonathan C. Jonathan C. November 1, 2008
The liberal nature of the commentary makes one wonder about the author and his views on Scripture as a whole. Granted it is far more readable than Montgomery's commentary, but that still does not make it a good commentary. If one wants a critical study of the text, then this will help. But that is all one will receive, because of the presuppositions that he approaches the text with.
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Best available critical study of the text with full interaction with intertestamental literature. [Full Review]
Unnatributed-d Unnatributed-d May 26, 2008