Exodus 1-18
Exodus 1-18


in Evangelical Press Study Commentary

by John D. Currid

4.95 Rank Score: 5.33 from 2 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 4 user libraries
Exodus 1-18
Pages 384
Publisher Evangelical Press
Published 2000
ISBN-13 9780852344378
Exodus 19-40
Pages 400
Publisher Evangelical Press
Published 2000
ISBN-13 9780852344729


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Joel R. Beeke Joel R. Beeke April 15, 2012
This commentary, on the text of Exodus, has been written for the building up of the church, It not only provides insights into the book of Exodus, but also clear and concise application. It is a book for everyone who wants to understand better what God says to us in his Word. The author writes, ‘It is my hope that pastors will use it for sermon preparation, and others for Bible study preparation and personal study. [Full Review]
Derek W. H. Thomas Derek W. H. Thomas September 16, 2008
In a refreshing way pays close attention to the text without getting bogged down in critical discussions. Helpful section on the Decalogue in volume 2.