The Message of Numbers
The Message of Numbers

The Message of Numbers

in Bible Speaks Today

by Raymond E. Brown

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Pages 288
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 2002
ISBN-13 9780830824281


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3.65 out of 5 based on 2 user ratings
The Message of Numbers Brown, Raymond E.
Tim Challies March 18, 2013
4.8 5
Longman gets to the heart of this one in his brief comments. He says, “A readable and informed study of this often-neglected book. In keeping with the series, Brown emphasizes the theological meaning and the contemporary significance of the book.” I assume this means it would be a suitable choice (along with Wenham) for the more casual reader as opposed to the preacher or scholar [Full Review]
The Message of Numbers Brown, Raymond E.
Jeremy Pierce (parableman) August 7, 2009
2.5 5
Raymond Brown's BST (2002) This is an exposition focusing on theology and contemporary application. Brown is a Baptist minister and should not be confused with the Roman Catholic New Testament scholar Raymond Brown, who is famous for his work on the Johannine literature and the synoptic gospels. This series is intended as a help to the preacher in focusing on the overall message of a book without distraction from the details of a more careful exegesis. I thus recommend it only as a supplement to more comprehensive commentaries. [Full Review]