The Message of Genesis 1-11
The Message of Genesis 1-11

The Message of Genesis 1-11

in Bible Speaks Today

by David Atkinson

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Pages 192
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1990
ISBN-13 9780830812295


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R. Hansen R. Hansen September 3, 2008
This is a good read. It is what you would expect from the BST series. Good easier reading comments on the text with good application. Great devotional reading. Though not a first pick for one who wants to study Genesis in depth, it is perfect for one who just wants good reading to reflect on Genesis and its meaning with a more readable commentary. Therefore it gets a high rating for it does what it is supposed to for the series it is in.
David Atkinson's BST on chapers 1-11 (subtitled "The Dawn of Creation") is a very brief exposition of those chapters. I haven't seen it, but I know it's well-liked by those who tend to appreciate this kind of series. As might be imagined, a volume in this series will spend more time on hot-button issues than you'd expect to find in a more traditional commentary. Thus Atkinson weighs in on evolution (he accepts theistic evolution), gender relations (he is a full egalitarian), and homosexuality (here he takes a more traditional view). He also discusses issues such as environmentalism, the mysterious origin of evil, and the seeming unfairness of extending grace only to some. The emphasis is on the overall story, however, and he spends as much time on the crucial first three chapters as he does on the rest of his assigned section (which actually goes to 12:3, despite its being advertised as going just through ch.11). [Full Review]