James Louis Martyn


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Series: Anchor Yale Bible
Categories: Galatians
Tags: PastoralTechnical


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4.49090908223932 out of 5 based on 11 user ratings
Nijay Gupta July 26, 2019 4.8 5
Lou Martyn is a legend in New Testament studies, especially known for promoting an “apocalyptic Paul” reading of Galatians. This large commentary is provocative, sometimes quirky and idiosyncratic, but also astonishing and refreshing. He famously defends the “faithfulness of Jesus Christ” reading of pistis christou. [Full Review]
Princeton Seminary December 2, 2017 5 5
Robert M. Bowman, Jr December 11, 2016 5 5
Standard mainline Protestant commentary, generally reflecting the New Perspective on Paul. [Full Review]
Phil Nellis July 16, 2013 5 5
I found this volume extremely helpful in preaching through Galatians.
chappy June 19, 2013 5 5
Every verse he comments on has to be taken seriously, he has not left too many stones unturned. The most engaged commentary out there on Galatians.
Marcus Maher January 20, 2013 5 5
J. Louis Martyn has written by far the most thorough commentary on Galatians at over 600 pages. But it rarely felt long, as Martyn's exegesis was fascinating even though it was not always convincing. Martyn utilizes the comment section in a unique way in what really are excurses (there are 52 total!). From an organizational standpoint this is great because the main comments in the commentary are no longer than Dunn, enabling you to get through the main point relatively quickly and giving you the option to read the sometimes very lengthy excurses or not (they're mostly worth reading). Martyn's commentary is written from a thoroughgoing apocalyptic perspective. At times this helps at times it's a hindrance. Martyn also does more mirror reading than any other commentary on the market coming up with an elaborate reconstruction of the background of Galatians. On chapters 1 and 2 I found it to be brilliant. I think he's less successful after that. Still, though, Martyn has written a great commentary that is the strongest on the market on the first two chapters. Hays has incorporated the best of his insights [Full Review]
Jeremy Pierce (parableman) March 28, 2010 3 5
J.L. Martyn's AB is too academically-important to ignore if you're doing academic work. I looked at it enough to gain a respect for his command of the letter and the literature on it. His approach is a bit idiosyncratic, but he's not as lone ranger. He's managed to influence Galatians scholarship significantly with this work. This commentary is incredibly detailed, even for an Anchor Yale Bible volume, and will be of a lot less use to someone just preaching or leading a Bible study on Galatians. He tends to side more with the New Perspective than with the traditional Protestant approach (but I believe he is Catholic himself), and he favors the later date and North Galatian location that are usually seen to conflict with Acts (and thus tends to dismiss the historicity of Luke's account in Acts). Carson says he's weak on salvation-historical elements and thinks he hasn't "got to the bottom of Paul's understanding of the relationships between law and grace". His approach emphasizes the corporate, even cosmic, aspects of the gospel so much that there's not much attention given to how the gospel affects individuals. He doesn't have much time for legal/forensic elements to the gospel. [Full Review]
Scot McKnight May 28, 2009 4.59999990463257 5
Brian Brown September 13, 2008 4 5
Excellent look at Galatians as from a clearly apocalyptic stand-point. While he may push the theme too far, forcing it in places, it is wonderfully illuminating in other places (particularly in chapter 1 & 2).

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