in Anchor Yale Bible

by James L. Crenshaw

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Pages 272
Publisher Yale University Press
Published 1995
ISBN-13 9780300140767
Scripture scholar James L. Crenshaw captures the ominous, yet hopeful spirit of Joel's prophecy in his New Translation and commentary.

Joel's Prophecy has an unexpectedly familiar ring to it. The biblical book of Joel is relevant to our late-twentieth-century world because it confronts an age when people tolerated almost anything, did not want someone telling them how to live their lives, and had difficulty distinguishing right from wrong. It was at once a time of self-indulgence and a time of spiritual decay. The economic and political disparity of the day, combined with widespread social injustice and deviant religious practices, brought about God's judgment on his chosen people, the judahites. Pleading the litany of sins in Joel is like reading the newspaper, things have not changed much in 2,500 years. Leading Scripture scholar James L. Crenshaw's fresh translation of the biblical prophecy of Joel combines the latest research into Hebrew language and literature with down-to-earth insights into how Joel's words relate to the modern world. Drawing upon a thorough analysis of the book's grammar and philology, literary forms and context, religious and social situation, and historical setting, Crenshaw offers the most informed and up-to-date commentary available. For those who want to read and understand Joel, this book is indispensable.


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