Paul, Thessalonica, and Early Christianity
Paul, Thessalonica, and Early Christianity

Paul, Thessalonica, and Early Christianity

by Karl P. Donfried

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Pages 388
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2002
ISBN-13 9780802805096
Over the past twenty-five years research on Paul's life and thought has yielded a wealth of new, sometimes controversial theories concerning such crucial questions as Paul's Jewishness and his relation to the Jesus tradition. This volume provides an excellent overview of recent trends in Pauline studies and introduces fresh work on the Thessalonian correspondence and Christianity. / Written by a distinguished scholar of the New Testament, the book ranges widely over themes related to Paul, his theology, and his role in the formation of the church. Of special interest are chapters that challenge the so-called "New Perspective" on Paul set forth by people like E. P. Sanders and James D. G. Dunn, that discuss the importance of the Dead Sea Scrolls in reframing our perspective on the Jewish backgrounds of Christianity, and that relate the Pauline understanding of justification to recent ecumenical agreements. / Presenting cutting-edge New Testament scholarship in accessible essays, this volume will benefit everyone interested in Paul, early Christianity, and the Jewish roots of both.


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