2 Peter and Jude
2 Peter and Jude
Non-Western or BIPOC

2 Peter and Jude

in Hippo / Africa Bible Commentary Series

by Dieudonné Tamfu

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Pages 167
Publisher Hippo Books
Published 2018
ISBN-13 9781783684601
Shorter books in the Bible like 2 Peter and Jude are often overlooked by believers as they flick through pages of Scripture. Furthermore, because these two books deal with the unpopular theme of God's judgement they end up being further neglected in the believer's life and understanding of Scripture. Yet the evils these authors speak about are still very much present in the church in Africa, and are no less deserving of judgment today. But these books also bear glorious testimony to God's power to preserve his people, and encourage us to stay steadfast and conform to the pattern of holiness in which we have been rooted.


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