Ezra and Nehemiah
Ezra and Nehemiah

Ezra and Nehemiah

in Reformed Expository Commentary

by Derek W. H. Thomas

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Pages 464
Publisher P&R Publishing
Published 2016
ISBN-13 9781629950037
The books of Ezra and Nehemiah tell a vital story of a community revived and restored by God’s grace through gifted individuals, preparing the way for the Messiah to come. Ezra, a priest, and Nehemiah, a governor, both prioritized the Word of God and the practice of prayer—commitments that are just as vital for the renewal of the church today. 

In his practical and devotional expository commentary, pastor-theologian Derek W. H. Thomas shows what this gripping narrative can teach us about kingdom life in our own time.

As are all Reformed Expository Commentaries, this book is accessible to both pastors and lay readers. Each volume in the series gives careful attention to the biblical text, is doctrinally Reformed, focuses on Christ through the lens of redemptive history, and applies the Bible to our contemporary setting.


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PastorTimothy72 PastorTimothy72 July 27, 2021
I have become a collector of commentaries ever since my seminary days in the 1990s. As such, I am only going to recommend the best overall commentary for each book of the Bible on this site. For Ezra & Nehemiah, for the preacher/teacher, Thomas is a must have. You will find a wealth of insights in Thomas to drive points of illustration and application as you preach or teach through Ezra & Nehemiah that other commentaries do not provide on these two books. (I do recommend, however, that you get Charles Fensham in the NICOT series to augment Thomas. On a few points, Fensham I think offers a stronger interpretation).