Paul and the Gospels: Christologies, Conflicts and Convergences
Paul and the Gospels: Christologies, Conflicts and Convergences

Paul and the Gospels: Christologies, Conflicts and Convergences

in Library of New Testament Studies

by James G. Crossley, Joel Willitts, Paul Foster, David S. Morlan, Stanley E. Porter, Mark Harding, Colin G. Kruse, Christopher W. Skinner, and Joshua W. Jipp

Pages 288
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2011
ISBN-13 9780567617422
This volume, which collects together the work of several established scholars attempts to situate the Apostle Paul, the Pauline writings, and the earliest Christian Gospels together in the context of early Christianity. It addresses the issue of how the Christianity depicted in and represented by the individual Gospels relates to the vision of Christianity represented by Paul and the Pauline writings.This raises such questions as to what extent did Paul influence the canonical and non-canonical Gospels? In what way are the Gospels reactions to Paul and his legacy? A comparison of the Gospels and Paul on topics such as Old Testament Law, Gentile mission, Christology, and early church leadership structures represents a fruitful area of study. While a number of volumes have appeared that attempt to assess the relationship between the historical Jesus and the Apostle Paul relatively few studies on Paul and the Gospels have been published. This volume excellently fills this gap in New Testament Studies and makes a valuable contribution to studies on Christian Origins, Pauline research, and the Gospels.

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction - Michael F. Bird
  • Mark, Paul and the Question of Influences - James G. Crossley
  • Mark: Interpreter of Peter and Disciple of Paul, Michael F. Bird/Paul and Matthew: A descriptive approach From A Post-New Perspective Interpretive Framework - Joel Willitts
  • Paul and Matthew - Two Strands of the Early Jesus Movement with Little Sign of Connection - Paul Foster
  • Luke and Paul on Repentance, David Morlan
  • Luke: Companion or Disciple of Paul? - Stanley E. Porter
  • Kyrios Christos: Johannine and Pauline Perspectives on the Christ Event, Mark Harding
  • Paul and John: Two Witnesses, One Gospel - Colin Kruse
  • The Gospel of Thomas's Rejection of Paul's Theological Ideas - Christopher W. Skinner
  • Death and the Human Predicament, Salvation as Transformation, and Bodily Practices in 1 Corinthians and the Gospel of Thomas - Joshua W. Jipp

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