Jesus, Mark and Q: The Teaching of Jesus and Its Earliest Records
Jesus, Mark and Q: The Teaching of Jesus and Its Earliest Records

Jesus, Mark and Q: The Teaching of Jesus and Its Earliest Records

in The Library of New Testament Studies

by Harry T. Fleddermann, Jens Schröter, David S. du Toit, Markus Öhler, Tom Holmén, Craig A. Evans, F. Gerald Downing, Marius Reiser, Peter Balla, and Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Pages 296
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2001
ISBN-13 9781841272184
The first part of this collection is devoted to one of the key questions of the 'Synoptic Problem': the literary and christological relationship between Mark and Q. The second part deals with the 'Third Quest' for the historical Jesus, concentrating on his teaching and its cultural context. These interrelated themes each attract detailed analysis of their methodology as well as their impact on New Testament studies generally, providing a very useful introduction to the state of research in these important fields.

  • Table of contents
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • List of Contributors
  • Part I - Mark and Q
    • Introduction - Andreas Schmidt
    • Mark's use of Q: the Beelzebul controversy and the cross saying - Harry T. Fleddermann
    • The Son of Man as the representative of God's kingdom: on the interpretation of Jesus in Mark and Q - Jens Schröter
  • Part II - The Historical Jesus in New Research
    • Introduction - Michael Labahn
    • A. Recent Trends in the Historical and Sociological Portrait of Jesus
    • Redefining Jesus: current trends in Jesus research - David S. du Toit
    • Jesus as prophet: remarks on terminology - Markus Öhler
    • The Jewishness of Jesus in the 'third quest' - Tom Holmén
    • The new quest for Jesus and the new research on the Dead Sea scrolls - Craig A. Evans
    • The Jewish cynic Jesus - F. Gerald Downing
    • B. Theological and Hermeneutical Investigations into the Proclamation of Jesus
    • Eschatology in the proclamation of Jesus - Marius Reiser
    • What did Jesus think about his approaching death? - Peter Balla
    • The rhetorics and politics of Jesus research: a critical feminist perspective - Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
  • Index of References
  • Index of Authors

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