The Christian World around the New Testament
The Christian World around the New Testament

The Christian World around the New Testament

by Richard J. Bauckham

Pages 560
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2017
ISBN-13 9780801098918
Richard Bauckham's The Jewish World around the New Testament explored various aspects of the significance of early Judaism for interpreting the New Testament. Now The Christian World around the New Testament brings together Bauckham's well-known work on gospel origins, early Christianity, and patristic literature in one convenient volume. The book contains thirty-one studies that have been published over Bauckham's distinguished career. This affordable North American paperback by an internationally respected New Testament scholar will be published simultaneously with the prestigious European hardcover.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Gospel Audiences
    • Introduction
    • 1. For Whom Were Gospels Written?
    • 2. Is There Patristic Counter-Evidence?
    • A Response to Margaret Mitchell
  • Gospel Traditions
    • Introduction
    • 3. The Transmission of the Gospel Traditions
    • 4. Werner Kelber on Oral Tradition: A Critique
    • 5. The Gospel of Mark: Origins and Eyewitnesses--A Discussion of the Work of Martin Hengel
    • 6. Luke's Infancy Narrative as Oral History in Scriptural Form
    • 7. Did Papias Write History or Exegesis?
    • 8. The Gospel of John and the Synoptic Problem
    • 9. Review Article: Gospel Writing by Francis Watson
    • 10. Review Article: Seeking the Identity of Jesus
  • Gospels and Canon
    • 11. The Canonicity of the Four Gospels
  • Early Christian People
    • 12. 2 Corinthians 4:6: Paul's Vision of the Face of Jesus Christ as the Face of God
    • 13. Barnabas in Galatians
    • 14. The Martyrdom of Peter in Early Christian Literature
    • 15. James at the Centre
    • 16. The Estate of Publius on Malta (Acts 28:7)
  • Early Church
    • 17. The Lord's Day
    • 18. Sabbath and Sunday in the Post-Apostolic Church
    • 19. Kerygmatic Summaries in the Speeches of Acts
    • 20. Kingdom and Church according to Jesus and Paul
  • Early Christian Apocryphal Literature
    • 21. The Two Fig Tree Parables in the Apocalypse of Peter
    • 22. Apocryphal Pauline Literature
    • 23. Apocryphal Gospels
    • 24. The Acts of Paul as a Sequel to Acts
    • 25. The Acts of Paul: Replacement of Acts or Sequel to Acts?
    • 26. Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal Literature
    • 27. Non-canonical Apocalypses
    • 28. Hell in the Latin Vision of Ezra
    • 29. Early Christian Apocrypha as Imaginative Literature
    Early Patristics
    • 30. The Great Tribulation in the Shepherd of Hermas
    • 31. The Fall of the Angels as the Source of Philosophy in Hermias and Clement of Alexandria
  • Indexes


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